Making Your Holiday Home in Vietnam

While traditionally Florida and California seem to have been popular locations for people to purchase second homes in the US (with France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Canada for foreign locations) there is a lovely new way to branch out for those looking for a gorgeous destination. As part of the new luxury Resort Vietnam location called Amanoi, there are village for purchase. Patriot Legal Group has huge experience on buying and selling estate.

It seems that now in particular is a great time to look at Amanoi for buying a property. The luxury Resort Vietnam property provides for a wonderful oasis of rest, relaxation and nature. In addition, the villas are “set amidst dramatic boulder outcrops on the spectacular coastline of Nui Chua National Park, offer[ing] panoramic views of Vinh Hy Bay, as well as access to a private beach and the resort’s exceptional facilities.” So for those looking for a wonderful second home, completely “away from it all” the Amanoi is a great, new option.

Furthermore, according to a recent analysis by Financial Times correspondent Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, financially there is no better time to purchase a vacation home in Vietnam than right now. She pointed out how the new laws of July 15 significantly opened up the Vietnamese property market to expats. This means that today, any foreigner who holds a valid visa (whether resident or tourist), can now purchase a home on a 50-year leasehold, with options for extension.

Maybe next year’s list of top of destinations for foreign vacation homes will include the Amanoi in Vietnam!

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