Truck accidents can be a very harmful type of accident. Tragically, such accidents can sometimes even result in a person’s death. Thus, it is very important for truck drivers to practice responsible driving when out on the roads.

Last week, a truck accident occurred in California which resulted in a woman dying.

The accident happened last Thursday. Reportedly, that morning, a Toyota Camry which contained two individuals was traveling along a roadway in San Jose, California. Allegedly, a big rig truck that was hauling broccoli then went out of control and its trailer landed on the Camry. Authorities reportedly suspect that the big rig truck was going too fast at a curve and that this is what caused it to go out of control.

According to the NBC Bay Area article which reported this story, one of the individuals that was in the Camry, a 49-year-old woman, died as a result of this accident. The accident also resulted in the other individual who was in the Camry and the driver of the big rig truck suffering injuries.

As this motor vehicle crash illustrates, truck accidents can sometimes have fatal results.

Because truck accidents can be so harmful, it is very important for truck drivers who operate in California to take all reasonable steps to prevent truck accidents when out on the roads. This includes obeying all relevant traffic laws and avoiding engaging in reckless conduct when driving.

No individual should have to suffer injuries or lose his or her life because a truck driver failed to act properly when out on the roads.


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