Many American adults have fond memories of long summer afternoons and evenings spent bouncing up and down on trampolines. Unfortunately, these are memories that should remain with us and not be created anew in our children. Several prominent medical professional societies have determined that backyard trampolines areĀ dangerous products, and should not be used by children.

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a statement in the journal “Pediatrics” related to backyard trampoline safety. Specifically, the association has determined that the purchase and use of this equipment should be strongly discouraged because it is “intrinsically dangerous.”

Unfortunately, this stance holds even when trampolines are outfitted with safety features like padding and netted enclosures. Other professional societies, including the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, have issued similar statements regarding trampoline safety for kids.

All trampoline-loving kids and parents can take heart, however, because trampoline parks may be an acceptable alternative to backyard equipment. The AAP has noted that trampolines “have an acceptable role when used as part of a structured athletic training program with ‘appropriate coaching, supervision and safety measures in place,'” according to the Huffington Post.

However, backyard trampolines should be avoided, given that more than 3,000 hospitalizations and 98,000 injuries were attributed to backyard trampoline use during 2009 alone. Surprisingly, approximately three-fourths of backyard trampoline injuries occur simply when participants are jumping; not flipping or otherwise horsing around.

Trampolines may seem like an easy and fun way for kids to exercise. However, medical professionals seem to agree that home use is simply not safe. Instead, kids should be taken to trampoline parks for this kind of fun and should stay away from backyard trampolines due to the high risk of injury.

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