Pedestrian accidents are typically very serious. When someone is injured in a Delaware pedestrian accident, it is likely due to the negligence of a driver. An experienced Akron pedestrian accident attorney can help pedestrian accident victims take charge of the situation and hold negligent motorists accountable for the damage that they have caused.

New statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that the number of pedestrian crashes has increased across the country despite declining numbers of car accident fatalities.

Seat belt use and car design improvements have helped cut the number of fatal car crashes, but none of the innovations help pedestrians. Unlike a car passenger, a pedestrian does not have the luxury of being protected by the steel of a car. To the contrary, pedestrians feel the full impact of the car and often suffer severe personal injuries.

The NHTSA data shows that there was a 14 percent rise in pedestrian fatalities from 2000 to 2009 and a 4.2 percent jump in fatalities from 2009 to 2010. The NHSTA data also shows that the number of motor vehicle accidents climbed 19 percent to 70,000 that year.

Although a personal injury attorney can help hold a negligent driver accountable for hitting a pedestrian, many families are unaware that personal injury attorneys can also help after a fatal accident. A personal injury attorney can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a grieving family. A wrongful death suit can help pay for medical and funeral expenses associated with the accident and compensate a family for the lost love, support and affection of the pedestrian accident victim.

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