Harmful winter weather was felt in Pa, particularly over the country on Sunday January 18th. Water easily froze on freeways in a phenomenon referred to as “flash freezing” creating deadly failures involving over 30 cars on 476 and Interstates 76 . Spokesperson for your Pennsylvania Department of Transport Eugene Baulm explained, “This could be the worst type of winter rainfall to beat, as it may freeze immediately plus it doesn’t must be the entire pavement for automobiles crossing it to get issues,”. Owners stated the flash-frozen roads are difficult to get on actually for all those knowledgeable in driving in inclement weather that was northern. It is almost impossible to maintain control of the car despite driving cautiously while in the bad weather. Kaitlyn Maier who is a seasoned winter driver and was raised in upstate New York said, “I’ve motivated through ideal a great deal, and also this isn’t like anything I’ve ever pushed in.”

Slick roads were charged for a Pa car wreck that murdered a 88 year old woman who struck an utility pole and lost control of her vehicle.

While temperatures warmed for the 40’s and to the shore where non freezing rain fell intime for that AFC Championship Game between your Patriots and Indianapolis Colts freezing rain covered the interior of New England.

Out west, tens of thousands of Seattle Seahawks fans were not able to look at the NFC title game against the Green Bay Packers since winds and energy in the region had knocked apart. After 160 miles in the eastbound lanes have been shut as a result of very large crash due to black snow in Eastern Oregon, law enforcement was able to reopen a part of Interstate 84. Sunday in Western Oregon, rain fell and into Mon adding to the 1.8 inches that had decreased on Saturday delivering untreated sewage in to the Willamette River.

Back east, stormy climate and icy roadways caused incidents to New Hampshire all the way up from north Nj and Philadelphia. The New York State Thruway from Newburgh to New York City was shut due to the hazardous driving situations and the Neighborhood Transportation Authority informed individuals to not become regardless of snow on other materials, parking lots along with staircases.

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