Sports-related head injuries can have major impacts on athletes of all ages. Baseball is one of the many sports where risks for these injuries can arise. Recently, a sporting goods company has been working on a new piece of safety equipment which it hopes will be able to address one of the head injury risks baseball players can face.

The device is called “the dome” and it is a helmet that is designed to be worn by pitchers. The device is meant to address the head injury risks pitchers can face from baseballs that are hit back towards them. The company conducted a presentation of this device on March 7th. The company reportedly hopes to have the device available for purchase by this fall.

The helmet would be worn over a pitcher’s baseball cap. Reportedly, the helmet is being designed to be both strong enough to provide pitchers with head protection and light enough to not interfere with a pitcher’s performance. If the helmet does end up meeting both of these goals, it could potentially be very helpful in reducing the risks pitchers face when on the mound.

Given the major impacts head injuries can have on athletes, it is encouraging that sporting goods companies are trying to develop equipment that would make baseball safer for pitchers. It will be interesting to see if the new helmet ever does become widely available and if it can in fact reduce the head injury risks pitchers face from batted baseballs. Also, if these helmets do prove to be effective, it will be interesting to see if baseball leagues will have their pitchers use them.

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